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Experience Awesome With Your Great Outdoors

Houston’s Premier Outdoor Living Builder

Your interest in Your Great Outdoors is appreciated by our team! Our No. 1 job is to create the best customer experience the industry has to offer. Your first experience begins the moment you step foot in our unique one-of-a-kind outdoor showroom located in Katy, Texas. Our staff is qualified to speak to you about your desires when it comes to your home property. The second experience you will love is our design phase. This is where your dreams and our experience is developed to a viable project. Our architect and designers are not only concerned with blowing you away with a creative design, but they are very concerned with the details of the project which ultimately saves our clients’ money at the end of the day with up-front planning. The third and final experience you will have with Your Great Outdoors is our construction process. Our team meets weekly, combing through the details of each client’s project. Following our meeting, our clients get a day-to-day construction plan for each week leading through the entire project. Let’s face it: life does not stop just because you have a home improvement project going on at your home. So let us take care of the details while you take care of yours.

Our Process

Your Great Outdoors follows a well-defined process consisting of three primary steps: Consulting, Designing, & Building. We understand that we are only as good as our last project, therefore every project is important to us.

Step 1

Visiting your home allows our development team to see the individual characteristics of the house along with listening to your family’s wish list and desires for the ultimate outcome. Our team is trained to speak knowledgeably about house additions, freestanding structures, outdoor kitchens, pools, patios, landscaping, lighting, irrigation, & drainage.

Step 2

In our first design meeting at our showroom two weeks after the consultation, we will look at the overall design. We will select the materials from our design room without having to drive anywhere. We will also make adjustments to the design. Five days later, we’ll have a completed design with the actual colors of your project as well as a detailed line item quote for your review. Your design will be completed and ready for us to prepare to submit for Permitting and HOA applications that we will take care of for you.

Step 3

Building does not have to be a stressful process. We make it as seamless as possible. Our clients enjoy the benefit of our transparency and ease of communication. Between calling your project manager, your lead developer, or just walking into our showroom anytime you want to seek answers, we are here for you. During construction, there are always questions and unforeseen detours. In Houston, one of those things is rain and working around its crazy schedule. We adapt in every circumstance and move forward with a plan to complete your project. Every project has a different time table, based on the scope of work, and any inspections process that has to be accommodated for the approval of each phase.

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