10 Most Stunning Backyard Pool Designs for a True Paradise

Every home needs to feel like paradise. Transform your back yard into the escape of your dreams.

Make the pool your centerpiece! Choose something that suits your style from one of the many backyard pool designs available!

10 Backyard Pool Designs That Will Wow You

Whether you want fancy or fun, you can find great designs for your pool! Let these 10 backyard ideas inspire you!

1. To Infinity and Beyond

If Buzz Lightyear had a backyard, he would definitely build an infinity pool in it. Beautiful pool designs like this work best when they highlight an outstretched scenic view.

Infinity pools appear to contain zero edges, creating an appearance that the water just spills off into the view.

Build yours on a drop-off that overlooks forest or spectacular city lights. They also work amazing if your property goes into a large body of water.

2. Backyard Oasis

With amazing hardscaping, you can transform your backyard into a desert oasis. Choose one of these great designs for your pool.

A small, circular pool surrounded by large boulders and sand makes for a perfect place to dip after a hard day at work. Or, bring it to life a little more with a large liver shaped pool amidst a beautiful variety of lush cacti growing over stone.

3. Island Escape

Create an island to escape to in the middle of your pool! You can go about this in a number of ways.

For a simple look, you just need a small, circular platform, big enough for 2 to sunbathe, with a tropical tree for aesthetics. If you want something grand, make an island of stone that rises high out of the water, embellished with trees and plants.

The shape of your pool does not matter, but the size will. When creating the design, keep in mind if you want swimming or sunbathing to take precedence. Or, maybe you just want something that will wow your guests.

4. Pond Pool

Natural swimming pools offer an eco-friendly alternative to their traditional counterparts. Use these designs for your pool if you want to step into the wilderness from your backdoor.

This type of pool uses natural filtration, where the water regenerates through organic matter and plants, instead of harsh chemicals. This makes it healthier for both swimmers and the environment.

Some natural pools look exactly like ponds, with an odd, a-symmetric shape, like a pond. You may want to grow tall grasses around the edges and fill the pool with lily pads to give it an unkempt look.

You might choose to incorporate a dock, rather than a deck. Some natural pools contain large stones, to make it look like a rocky shore. The choice of hardscaping can make a world of difference for creating your vision.

5. Grecian Garden

Swim like the Romans! Grecian pools appear rectangular, but with rounded out ends. Some feature a small, round sitting pool at one end.

Decks made from travertine, marble, or limestone complement this style nicely. Add cypress trees, hedged bushes, and ornamental flowers to the landscape. Hardscape with Romanesque marble statues!

To really bring it home, add a raised lounging area with large steps. White marble pillars surrounding this area will make it feel like a garden of the Gods.

6. Backyard Beach 

Open up your back door to your very own beach! Pool designs like this will make home life feel like a vacation.

Opt for a white sand beach, rather than a deck. Picture sand that gently slopes from your shallow entrance to a deep pool.

Add a palm tree or two and a few large boulders for hardscaping. For a more luxurious experience, place a gorgeous wooden cabana with flowing fabric at the edge of your deep end.

7. Cocktail Party Paradise

Do you host outdoor cocktail parties for distinguished guests? Light up the night with beautiful pool designs.

You can place trees, rocks, plants, and other decorations around the pool edge. Install small lights hidden in the landscaping and hardscaping surrounding your pool. 

To really impress your guests, connect opposing sides of the pool with an arching, stone bridge. Think romantic cities, like Venice or France. Or, have the bridge lead to a large fire pit built into the center of the water, where guests can chat in the warmth of the fire. 

8. Family Vacation

Choose from pool design ideas that will make your family shutter with excitement every time they think about your backyard. Take inspiration from some of your family vacation water parks!

Think lit up waterfalls over mountainous hardscaping, palm trees, tropical flowers, and awesome rockslides! Separate the deep end from the shallow end with a natural-looking barrier for both safety and beauty. The entire family will enjoy it!

9. Color Pop 

If you want to escape reality, get imaginative with your backyard! Choose an L-shaped in-ground pool with intensely colored tiles. Whether it gives a pop of red, pink, or violet, the water will appear this color as well!

A white marble deck area will contrast the coloring perfectly. Hard shape with geometric shapes that match the tile color, or oppose it all with solid black. This pool’s artistic essence will turn your backyard into a viewing gallery for your friends and family to post on social media!

10. Modern Chic

Modern, yet chic pool designs will give your home a luxurious feel. Think long, narrow rectangle or figure 8 shaped. 

This style looks amazing with a fountain wall spouting water along one edge. Decorate with large flowerpots holding an assortment of flowers.

A little deck space with a lot of perfect turf lawn will give this look a super modern feel. Add a patio with a small, stylish bar near the house to complete the look. 

Construct Your Own Paradise at Home

Home should be your number one escape from the rest of the world. Choosing one of these backyard pool designs will help you wholeheartedly feel that way!

We want to help you turn your dreams into a stunning reality. Schedule a consultation to discuss your design ideas today!